I'm Dan Nestle, creativity coach & founder of Zone Three Partners.

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Creativity Coach

Are you on the cusp of something great? Do you feel compelled to create something, but don't know how to get started?

You're not alone. Most of us glide through life and do our best to fit into a pattern of expectations. Work hard. Earn a fair wage. Support your family.

Living within those simple principles can indeed result in a rewarding and productive life. But not for all of us. Some of us want more. We want fulfillment. A sense of completion. Personal growth. Accomplishment.

We want to leave a legacy. And the only way to create a legacy is to create.

I'm here to help you get started, move forward, and become a creator.

I believe that humans are meant to create. Creation comes in a multitude of forms: you can create wealth, build houses, paint your mind's vision, write a book, record your conversations, make movies...your choices are practically limitless.

To get there you have to travel across three zones of personal development and find your creative purpose:

  • The zone of belief and mindset
  • The zone of learning and potential
  • The zone of creation

Get unstuck.

Over the course of this 8-week program, through thought-provoking guided discussions and reflection assignments, you will uncover your creative blockers and arm yourself to overcome them. You’ll get unstuck and start moving forward on a creative journey toward fulfillment, purpose, and legacy.

  • Stop living within limiting beliefs
  • Start accepting your potential 
  • Create something new, for yourself and your legacy

Stay unstuck.

Perhaps you've already started on your journey but it's hard to stay on mission. Get back on track and stay on track with regular monthly check-ins. In this 6-month program, you'll stay ahead of those creative blockers and remain accountable to your creative purpose.

  • Stay unstuck and moving forward
  • Hold yourself accountable - with support
  • Know when it's time to pivot and regroup

The hardest part? Getting started.

It helps to have a guide. As a marketer, podcaster, writer, and lifelong learner, I've been there. I've crossed the zones and want to help others find their own paths through. I believe that the only thing better than the satisfaction of getting unstuck and becoming a creator is to help you get there, too.

Find out how you can get unstuck and find your creative path. Schedule your no-pitch consultation call today.

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